Revising your 2020 goals

I made the decision to change into a new bullet journal for the rest of 2020. I’ve been using my current one (a Leuchtturm1917) since September last year, and I knew I couldn’t fit the rest of 2020 between it’s pages. Plus my hands had been itching to start the new one (Archer & Olive North Star, very pretty bluish cover). I was in the process of planning out the page order for the new bujo, figuring out which spreads go where, when I realized I hadn’t looked at – and I mean really looked at – my 2020 goals page for possibly the entire spring.

Now, reading through my list of 10 goals, my heart sank. I hadn’t reached any of my goals, and, I knew all but one would stay so for the rest of the year as well. I wondered why I hadn’t and why I wouldn’t reach those goals. I realized my goals didn’t feel right, they felt more of a burden than something to strive for. The important question I asked myself: is it okay to change the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

Of course it is.

Why? Maybe you’ve changed. You no longer are that same person who set those goals six months ago. You no longer want the same things. Maybe something happened, a change in your life like a new relationship or a new job. Maybe an uncontrollable force prevented you from doing and achieving the things you wanted (thank you Covid-19). Or maybe you overestimated and the goals you set were simply just too big and unreachable.

If a goal feels burdenous, you should be asking yourself why you wanted to set that goal, and whether it is something you want to still aim for. So why force yourself to reaching goals that are no longer relevant to you, goals that won’t make you happy?

Goals are all about visualizing your dreams and ambitions. They are a roadmap, a tool for you to use to help you live your best life. So it’s okay not to always reach those goals. And it’s also okay to change those goals when they are no longer relevant.

After much thought I reduced my 2020 goals from ten to seven. I got rid of the ones that weren’t specific, or that I knew I wasn’t motivated to aim for. I changed the wording of some, to better reflect my current situation and to make them more reachable. And for the goals I didn’t change, I told myself I wouldn’t be a failure if I didn’t reach them. After all, they are only goals, not requirements for life.

Have you looked at your own 2020 goals? Are you on track? With July right around the corner we are halfway through the year, and it is the best possible time to revise your own goals, and maybe even set new ones. Still half of the year left, you could achieve anything!

Looking forward to summer

It’s that time of year when it’s impossible to tell the time just by looking out the window. The sun shines pretty bright even in the middle of the night, so one has to be thankful for thick curtains – otherwise sleeping would be impossible.

There have barely been any signs of spring and summer lately. The snow has melted weeks ago, however, until a few days ago the nature has looked pretty dead. I’ve been jealous to friends and family living in the south of Finland – they’ve been sending pictures of green leaves and flowers for weeks. However, the temperatures for the past few days have +20 on the Celcius scale and the birch trees outside my window are finally beginning to show some green.

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7 tips to activities during social distancing

With recent events, governments are taking historically extreme measures to provide public safety; closing schools, closing borders and prohibiting social gatherings of more than 10 people and so forth. People are encouraged to stay home if possible.

While most of us are lucky enough to have work or studies to conduct at home, we are going to have more free time on our hands than normal, and there are bound to be moments when we’re thinking “what now?”

One of the most uncomfortable things for a healthy human being is to stay cooped up at home between four walls. So it’s important to take care of your mental health and keep busy. Here are my tips on activities to do.

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