Looking forward to summer

It’s that time of year when it’s impossible to tell the time just by looking out the window. The sun shines pretty bright even in the middle of the night, so one has to be thankful for thick curtains – otherwise sleeping would be impossible.

There have barely been any signs of spring and summer lately. The snow has melted weeks ago, however, until a few days ago the nature has looked pretty dead. I’ve been jealous to friends and family living in the south of Finland – they’ve been sending pictures of green leaves and flowers for weeks. However, the temperatures for the past few days have +20 on the Celcius scale and the birch trees outside my window are finally beginning to show some green.

Last week I went biking for the first time this year. A friend and I took our bikes to a park right at the seaside just a couple km away, and enjoyed the sun and went hunting for geocaches. It felt really great to be outside and smell the fresh sea air. There were quite a few people out enjoying the weather and the outdoors.

(Side note: Obviously the pandemic is still happening and quite a few restrictions are still in place, however schools are already open and the government is decreasing restrictions. I’ve only seen 3 people separately face-to-face in the past few weeks, which is still fine, especially since we’ve always taken the precaution of good hand hygiene and staying away from other people.)

All in all, after the warm winter and crazy spring we’ve had, I’m looking forward to enjoying the summertime.

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