Christmas gift planning starts now

I’m sitting on the train, on my way back from visiting home, and it’s dawning on me that the next time I’m visiting my family is going to be at Christmas. Now hast to be the time to start thinking of ideas for gifts. I’m not saying that all gifts have to be bought by next week, but with less than two months to go, it’s a good idea to start keeping your eyes open for good possibilities.

Personal and unique gifts

Now, this may be obvious, but if you do buy a cat sweater for someone who absolutely despises cats, you’re doing it wrong. Giving a personal gift gives more joy both to you and the receiver. For the longest time my gifts would be, if possible, hand-made by yours truly.

However, thinking of something they’re going to like isn’t an easy task. I know my siblings fairly well enough to get them a witty mug they might like, but I have no idea what my 10-year-old god-child is into. It’s also hard to think of a gift when, even when you do ask straightforwardly what each person wants, the answer is “I don’t know.” I’m super jealous of my brother, who is really good at coming up with the greatest gifts for each person.

Being mindful of the receiver and the environment

Even if I do find the most perfect and wittiest mug to give, I don’t want to buy it just because it suits them and will add to their ever growing mug collection that doesn’t even fit the cupboards. Instead the constant flow of material things that fill every nook and cranny possible, go zero-waste and find out if there is anything else the gift receiver would appreciate. It could be something to experience, like a concert pass to go listen to their favorite band, or a gift-card to an audiobook-service. Or perhaps you want to give your friend or family member a helping hand doing something like a bedroom makeover or a day working their garden. A non-material gift doesn’t take any extra space and could just be easier to the environment. Or maybe you just give them something consumable, like a tasty cake or sweets.

Get your own wishlist in order

I like to use Gifster for my gift wishlists, and I actually just received a reminder email from them to get my holiday wishlist in order. It’s really not a bad idea to take the time to think about what you yourself wish for Christmas, because people are going to start asking very soon (if they haven’t already), and it then helps them in their task. Don’t ask for stuff just because. Have a think about what you really require. I really wouldn’t mind if someone got me the maintenance service for my musical instrument it really needs. Be also mindful of the gift giver and don’t ask them for something that is outrageously over their budget.

So do you already have your gifts figured out, or are you just as stressed out as I already am? If you have any good ideas, please comment down below!

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