Resetting and conquering back your space after overnight visitors – 3 steps I tried

During March and April I had about five sets of overnight visitors in just as many weeks. While I’m deeply grateful to have had visitors, I also found that I didn’t really feel like my space belonged to me after they had gone.

My apartment isn’t that big, and so every time someone spends the night, they take half of the space. And when spending time with friends before May Day, I found myself avoiding my own home. I just didn’t feel like coming back, and really didn’t feel like home. So here are the three things I tried to settle back in and feel comfortable in my own space.

1. Cleaning and organizing

This should be a given. The guests have left, and the home feels empty, while also everything seems so out of space. So the first thing anyone should do is clean up. This includes washing any dishes, organizing books, magazines and decor pillows back to their own spots, and putting away any guest pillows and duvets and throwing any used bed sheets to the laundry.

It might not be a bad idea to vacuum either, even if you’ve just done it before the guests came. One of my guests was a year-old golden retriever who, while cute and cuddly, also left a good amount of dog hair, sand and gravel behind him. Overall with more people in the house, places just get dirty faster; so vacuum, wipe down all counters and maybe clean the bathroom and do some inventory on your fridge, to have your home feel clean, fresh and organized.

2. Spending time in your space

After I had cleaned up, I still didn’t feel like my space was mine, so instead of avoiding my home, I chose to spend more time and a little bit forcing myself to relax and unwind at my apartment.

My go-to is usually to make myself a big cup of tea, and then taking a soft, comfy blanket and a good book and settling down somewhere. You could choose to do something different. Maybe you want to do yoga in every room, or take over the kitchen and cook and enjoy some good food, or just settle down on your sofa and watching some telly. Whatever your style, make the most of it and just relax and enjoy.

3. Spice it up with decor

After cleaning and relaxing I still didn’t fully feel at home, until I changed my decor around a bit. Step one was packing away all Easter decor, and finding some summer-friendly decoration pieces to put on the tabletops around.

For step two, I actually only meant to turn my dining table around and have it face another direction, but I actually ended up moving around most of my living/dining room furniture. Most of it has been in same spots for the whole time I’ve lived here, so it certainly was time for a little change, and I’m really happy with the end results as it feels new and fresh, with no need to actually buy anything new.

So there you have it, my three steps or tips to reset your space after overnight visitors. If you have any tips of your own, comment down below. And keep on finding new adventures!

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