Hometown adventures: How well do you know your hometown?

Some weeks ago I had the joy of having one of my friends visit me for a couple of days. She’s really into escape rooms, so that was our main goal for the weekend: to go play one game together. She hadn’t really been to Oulu for years, and I thought that since we had the time, it would be great to show her around. Only, I realized, that I had no idea what to show her.

I have been living in Oulu for almost three years now. I moved here for university, and though I’ve gotten to know my (not so) new hometown, I have not taken the time to really know the place. I live fairly close to the university, which usually means that my time is spent between the university and my home. Because I don’t need to go to the city center so often, it’s easy to live in a bubble.

Oulu Cathedral

When you live somewhere, you live in the certainty that the places to see, the museums, the cafes, the parks and other outdoor places are there even if you don’t see them. You start taking them for granted, not really giving those places a second thought, while you’re busy running around with everything else going on in your life. As an example, Paris is one of the major cities in the world where people like to travel to – and who wouldn’t. It has a lot of amazing history, great museums, amazing culture. And yet, most French consider the Eiffel Tower to be just one big ugly radio mast, and aren’t just as marveled of all the sights in the same way all the tourists are. When everyone else (whether it be the French or tourists from other countries) feels the need to dress up visiting the City of Love, Parisians go about their life basically in sweatpants.

Toripolliisi (The Bobby at the Market Place)

I managed to show my friend around town. We walked around the city center and I showed the market square and our most known statue Toripolliisi, we visited the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum to have a look into some local history, and I showed her our cathedral. And we did end up playing that one exit game with her and a couple of my other friends. All in all, we had a lot of fun.

Oulu Market Hall

I’m grateful that my friend decided to come, not only because it was great to have her visit, but also because it pushed me to think about how poorly I know the town I live in. I’ve already been planning with another friend to explore around since it looks like we’re both spending our summer here. I’m really looking forward to it. If you have any suggestions as to what I should see, explore or find out, please comment down below, or send me a message on one of my social medias. And please, take some time to explore your own hometown. You never know what adventure awaits you.

North Ostrobothnia Museum Lapland and Sámi culture exhibit

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  1. I read this in Your about page. “I speak fluently 3 languages and have studied 3 others. I still want to learn more”. My hat! Congratulations! I speak only four, but not fluently; not even Finnish, because I have the “bar” high.

    We love Oulu and we have been living there some time. To me it is difficult to say how I know Oulu, because although I live in Helsinki and being bare foot citizen of Helsinki, I cannot say that I do not know it well, this is due having my bar high.

    Now I am curious to know if You this winter participated in the reindeer race? I have photographed it during four winters and this winter I participated in it finally. Here are my photos from previous year:

    Reindeer race 3

    Happy Easter!

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    1. I guess I have been luckier than most to have been able to pick up so many languages. I have also realized that I’m good at languages, which helps. I feel like languages open the doors to other cultures and other views. Even though I don’t understand but two words of Japanese, watching anime in Japanese with English subtitles is much more preferable to me – I understand the cultural viewpoints behind the story so much better. And wanting to learn more, well, we all need dreams right?

      I have not participated in the reindeer race nor have I seen it yet, though it looks like fun and I like your pictures. Maybe someday I’ll be there to see it. I’m actually not sure I even knew about such an event, so I’m glad to hear about it. Thanks!

      Have a happy Easter!


      1. Thank You. To be good at languages, well, I cannot say it about me! I learnt Spanish as a child, while working in Spain 4½ months, no courses, just listening. Am I good at languages, I do not know. I learnt French by translating 10 books with my dictionary in my hands. After three books I needed occasionally my dictionary. I learn Portuguese on two winter courses held once in a week. I learnt German in school, but since then, I have forgotten it so much that I cannot make my posts in it and start written discussions, but in practice I speak it. I learnt Swedish in school, but it is a language which do not inspire me. My wife beats me, because she speaks Russian also.

        Why You are not blogging only in English, because You are so good in languages as You told? I really wonder it after Your praising words! As You saw I blog in four languages.

        Have a good day!


      2. It sounds like you are good at languages. Most people tend to struggle to learn just the one foreign language.

        My reason to blogging only in English is simple. I want to keep the concept of my blog simple. I don’t want to confuse readers by switching languages, and translating everything to other languages takes up so much time and energy that I’d rather spend it doing something else, like spending the time with my friends or having more adventures.

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  2. Nice post. It’s always good to be along old friend and I bet even the dull place will brighten up. Between Oulu is awesome…..enjoyed reading.


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