Setting goals for 2019

The change of the year passed, but you forgot to make your resolutions or set your goals for the new year? You’ll be glad to hear that it’s still not too late to do. Although making resolutions or setting goals is easier when something begins, such as at the start of a new year, every new day is the first day of the rest of your life, and so, any day is perfect for setting goals.

In the past years I’ve tried making resolutions and setting goals. I never kept to them. In my naivety I was sure that if I set a goal, that decision would be enough to make it happen. Wrong. To actually achieve a goal, you need not only set it, but make sure you work towards it regularly. And so, when I started setting my goals for 2019, my main thought was that I need to make my goals achievable. Something I can realistically make happen. And if needed, I can achieve for something more in those areas after I’ve first met my current goals. Another thought I had was, to make my goals look like me. Meaning, my goals need to reflect me and my dreams and needs, not anyone else’s. That way I am more likely to achieve them – goals for me motivate me.

So, this year I actually have three spreads in my bullet journal related to goals. The first is Leave it in 2018 – Bring it to 2019. The leave it / bring it spread is something I saw Amanda Rach Lee do in one of her videos and decided I should adapt it to my bujo this year. It basically lists the bad habits you have, that you want to leave in the past and the good habits you have that you want to keep doing this year. Now, I don’t really count these as goals, it’s just things I want to concentrate more on doing or not doing this year. I’ve listed things as clutter, negativity and overthinking & bad excuses on my leave it -list, and self-care and spending more time with friends on my bring it -list.

My second spread is 10 goals for 2019. Now, you can set whatever goals you want and any number you want, but when I started brainstorming what I want to achieve this year, 10 goals seemed like an appropriate number. A few of the goals I have are separate projects that have been hanging around for too long, that I just want to get over and done with. One of these is the scrapbook from my exchange year in France 8 years ago. Other goals include learning photography, de-cluttering my apartment, doing yoga every day, and writing my thesis and getting my bachelor’s degree. I also pledged to read at least 25 books this year, taking part in the Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge.

The third and final spread I have on goals is my 30 things before 30, which basically is my bucket list of things to do or achieve before I turn 30. I only have 5 things listed so far, but I expect to come up with more as the year goes on (and any suggestions you have would be great to hear). These are more long-term goals and as I turned 25 this past summer, I have five(ish) years to get them checked off.

So there you have it, my goals for 2019. I am really hoping I can keep to these this year, I know I am determined to do so. I’ll be keeping track in my monthly habit tracker and to-do -lists for one, and just keeping them there neatly in my bullet journal should keep my goals fresh in mind.

What goals do you have for this year?

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