Bulletjournaling – November 2018 pages

I started bulletjournaling at the end of the summer. I got lost on Youtube and Pinterest, watching endless videos and looking at so many different pictures. The next day I raced to the bookstore for a dotted notebook and some new pens and couldn’t wait to get started. Setting up the main spreads and the first month took me more or less a full day, but I was so excited I didn’t mind.

The best advice I got before starting, was first to keep it simple and just learn the bullet journal method. Like many others, I was hesitant to start a bujo as it looks like so much work, and something that seems only great for artistic people – which is really not the case. When I fist set up my bujo, it was just basic lines and a bit of color. Only now when I’ve gotten the hang of it, I’m doodling a little more, and mixing it up a bit. If you are thinking of starting a bujo, go first to bulletjournal.com to read and learn more, or click to youtube where creator Ryder Carroll explains how the buller journal came to be.

Now, a few months in, I’ve been trying out different things. I now know better what I need and what works for me. So don’t hesitate to make your bujo look like you. And now with more confidence, I’m trying out some themes for my monthly pages as well.


If you’ve been following, my October pages had a Harry Potter -theme to them, and I wasn’t going to continue with a similar thing at first, but then my friend reminded me that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is coming out in November, so like a true nerd, I set my November pages around the first movie.

I need my monthly calendar to be big, so I can fit everything on it. I try to include my monthly task list in the same spread as the calendar to be able to see with one glance my to do’s for the month. I had some Stabilo pens that I thought really matched Newt’s colors, so went with those, adding some doodles here and there. Pickett the bowtruckle brought this spread nicely together.

What most intrigued me when I first did bujo research, were all the trackers people had in their journals. I was really inspired, as I needed something to push me to keep to healthier habits. Next to the habit tracker I’ve listed housework that needs to get done each month, as well as tasks related to my hobbies and social media. bujoNov2018habits1

The tracker that has been most helpful, is my sleep log. I tend to keep to some really insane hours, so tracking my sleep is helping me to get more in charge of my sleep cycle. I’ve paired up the sleep log with a symptom tracker, which helps track my overall health.bujoNov2018sleep1

The grattitude log is helping me to remember the positive things each day. I’m not sure I want to keep it this way, so I might come up with something new for the upcoming months. I had a go at doodling a niffler on the bottom corner of the page. As you can see, I’m not that good at drawing, but I think it’s important I tried.bujoNov2018grattitude1

The last page before my daily / weekly pages is a dream log. I’ve been having these confusing dreams every now and then, so just as a fun thing, I’m writing them down when I do remember them.

The weekly spread is something that I’ve experimented around with the most. My first weeklies were one week per page, but since my daily task list can get really long, I soon ran out of space. Then I tried to have separate dailies, writing each day after another as I went. However, I need to see my week with one glance, so in October I started using this new spread. This way I can move a task to another day in the week where I know it suits my schedule better, and the days have enough space for a long task list. I feel like now there is a little too much space, so I might do something different in the future, or add something to each day. But for now, it’s been working great.


So there you have it, my November setup. There’s still a lot of empty space, so I might add some more Fantastic Beast doodles, have a go at an occamy or some fwoopers. However, I’m really happy about how it turned out, the colors are so bright, which is great in the dark November. Tell me down below what you think!


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