Getting back into routine

With a busy summer away from Oulu, it’s been great to return home to my own apartment and get my regular day-to-day life back together. With about 5 months away, my home certainly felt cold and empty, without any trace of life. It’s been great to work around the place in the past two weeks, making it feel homey again.


One of the first things I did was fill my fridge and cabinets with food. I sorted through my dry foods and provisions, getting rid of any that had expired and added any I needed on my shopping list, along with any cold provisions I might need. My grandma is kind enough to order a cooking magazine for me, which I use a lot to plan my meals and keep eating interesting. Plus, I really like to cook for myself when I’m in the mood. One of the other things I enjoy in the kitchen is baking. In the first few days back I baked some ‘saaristolaisleipä’ or Finnish islander bread, the recipe also a courtesy of my grandma. I usually bake enough to eat straight away, and to also put in the freezer.

Because we don’t have an Ikea here in Oulu, I visited one just before coming back. I found some cute new cushion covers and a tablecloth as well as some much needed recycling containers. With the new home decor plus some new curtains my living and dining area looks cozier than ever! And I’m really happy with my new organized recycling system. In Finland we do recycle a lot, and just before I left, our housing community started recycling plastic, on top of the previously existing bio-waste, paper, cardboard, metal and glass.

Other than that, it’s been all about dusting and wiping surfaces, clearing my luggage into my cupboards and cleaning my bathroom, updating my daily routines to suit my goals for the end of the year, as well as getting prepared for the fall and winter season by filling my cupboards with tealights and scented candles. And I’ve just been enjoying all the little things of being on my own again, after the whole summer living with friends and family. Coming back home I did realize that I have way too much stuff, so there’s still a lot of organizing and decluttering to do, but I am planning on going through my clothes, papers and other things through little by little, hopefully getting it all done by the end of the year.

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.

– Wendy Wunder

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