New friends

You know those weird coincidences that life throws at you sometimes? The people you end up meeting because of, well, coincidence? And how in the end it totally makes sense?

I met someone today at a cafe. We had never met before and were pretty much set up to meet by our parents. No, it wasn’t a blind date. Just two girls meeting up because our parents had met a few weeks back and thought we’d get along well. I don’t know what I was expecting, not really. I just thought I’d go there and see what would happen. I did expect for us to talk for a while, but I didn’t know we’d end up talking for three hours straight!

And let me tell you, it was a fun three hours. Though we certainly are very different, we have a lot in common. Both of us had lived in different countries as children. We both have connections to France. We’d been attending the same school at different times in our previous hometown. She in primary, me in secondary. And now we live in the same area again.

We talked about our respective studies. About our experiences living abroad. About living back in Finland with those experiences. We talked of experiencing the world as third culture kids and not feeling at home anywhere and at the same time everywhere. And how we’d both been bullied at school (and as it happens, by the same kids). We talked about dating, about hobbies, about seeing the world and a lot of other things. And time just flew past.

Meeting new people can sometimes bee very awkward, but not this time. I am genuinely pleased at how it turned out, because it felt like it was one of those meetings that was supposed to happen. I really hope we see each other again soon – I believe we can become really good friends.

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